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氧传感器 Oxygen sensor

产品 Products

其中,管式电势型传感器(加热棒功率9-11W) 在350℃以下工作时,其响应时间低于200ms、跃迁电势高于800mV,完全满足QC/T 803.1-2008标准的相关指标,性能接近甚至优于国外著名B、D、N产品,远优于其它类似国产产品的关键性能。

Product Type & Application
At present, our mature sensors can be divided into thimble oxygen sensor and planar oxygen sensor according to tube structure, or into a single cavity and multi cavity, according to the working principle into potential type, current and potential - current Mixed type (also known as wide range type).

Among them, the thimble type potential sensors work (Heater power 9 ~ 11W) when temperature less than 350 ℃, its response time less than 200ms, the transition potential higher than 800mV, fully meet the relevant indicators of QC / T 803.1-2008 standard, performance close to even better than the famous foreign B, D, N product, far superior to other similar domestic products.

Developed thimble & planar type current, wide range oxygen sensor products are well applied for the field of micro-oxygen environment monitoring, wide range sensor was strictly tested in the heavy duty truck testing bench, sensitivity and durability are similar to international famous brand products. Wide range sensor can be applied to gasoline, ethanol, natural gas and fuel mixture and diesel engine vehicles.

Developed multi-chamber nitrogen oxygen sensor (current type) has passed the strict thermal shock, mechanical shock, anti-aging test, a short response time (lower than 150ms under the work temperature 350 ℃), wide scope of monitoring (NOx concentration range of 20 ~ 800ppm), etc, performance are similar with international famous brand GS, GC, UC and other brands products, currently being carried out on testing bench. Nitrogen-oxygen sensor is the key components which Euro Ⅳ and high emission diesel engines must be fixed.

In addition, we has developed a current-type zirconia oxygen pump which can be used to prepare the high concentration of oxygen, for family and personal medical and health sites to provide pure oxygen to meet the needs of health care and first aid.

Product testing and authentication
Idling speed oxygen sensor performance test curve:

Potential transition range between 90mV to 840 mV, the peak and trough less clutter, fewer low-peak wave. Sensor potential transitions: ≥ 800mV; sensor initial temperature: ≤ 350 ℃; response time: ≤ 200ms (300mV-600mV; 600mV-300mV);

(3)客户群体 Customers

At present our flue and micro-oxygen sensor products have supplied to large-scale thermal power plants, oil refineries, smelting facilities besides the East of China, has been in possession of the field more than 60% market share.
The auto oxygen sensor off the assembly line in 2008 has been supplied for the domestic two OEMs XD, JN, and large quantities were used on public transportation system in Beijing, sold in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xiamen and other cities of the spare parts market, and exported to Asia and South America, product quality was widely acclaimed by customers.
Wide range sensor and nitrogen-oxygen sensors are available to OEMs for bench test, expected for the diesel engine and associated vehicle factories in 2011.

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